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Developing protein degradation therapies in neurology: an interview with Seth S. Margolis
5/03/2019 | Link

Johns Hopkins

Research Update: Cellular “Garbage Disposal” Has Another Job
7/10/2018 | Link

Johns Hopkins

A Conversation with Kapil Ramachandran, Johns Hopkins Graduate Student and Incoming Member of the Harvard Society of Fellows
4/13/2018 | Link

Johns Hopkins

Cellular ‘Garbage Disposal’ Has Another Job
3/13/2017 | Link


From Garbage Disposal to Neuromodulation? Membrane Proteasomes Churn Out Stimulating Peptides
3/17/2017 | Link


4/15/2017 | Link


Cell Trash
4/08/2017 | Link

Johns Hopkins

Protein That Regulates Brain Cell Connections Could Be New Target for Treating Alzheimer’s Disease
3/27/2017 | Link

The Scotsman

Scientists on verge of Alzheimer’s memory loss ‘breakthrough’
3/30/17 | Link

Alzheimer’s News Today

Protein Besides Amyloid Beta Linked to Alzheimer’s Memory Problems

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2/27/19 – Congratulations to Emily Cook for the new review on Ephexin5 in Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets!

12/12/18 – Fulya Turker becomes a PhD candidate! Congratulations!

11/27/18 – Congratulations to Thomas B. Schäfer for the new publication in CELL REPORTS!