We are located in the Wood Basic Science Building in the Department of Biological Chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Our laboratory studies the molecular pathways that control protein turnover and maintain protein homeostasis in developing neurons using biochemical purification, molecular tracing, imaging and behavioral approaches.  We aim to understand at a protein level the mechanisms by which the nervous system early in development controls protein synthesis and degradation in order to control when, where and to what extent excitatory synapses will develop.  We are particularly interested in understanding these early developmental pathways as we have determined that several of them are aberrantly activated in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.  In an effort to extend our hypothesis that these pathways play significant roles in contributing to the developmenat of these disorders we have ongoing efforts using stereotacitic injections and animal model to serve as a proof of concept treatment approach.



5/13/19-Welcome Caitlin Seluzicki (new BCMB student)!! We are very excited to have you join us!

5/2/19-First pre-print on bioRxiv, Congrats Gabby, Wendy, Emily et al!

4/6/19 – Fulya Turker presents at ASBMB 2019, Orlando!

3/15/19 – Great News – thanks to NINDS and NIA for the new R01!