Fulya Turker

Graduate Student

Fulya is a PhD candidate in the Biological Chemistry Graduate Program. She is from Istanbul, Turkey and attended Sabanci University in Istanbul where she was awarded a full scholarship based on a National University Entrance Exam score. Fulya received high honors at Sabanci University and was ranked the highest student in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Throughout the years, Fulya worked in several laboratories around the world. At Harvard Medical School with Dr. Carl Novina, Fulya had a middle authorship in Scientific Reports. For her thesis work, Fulya joined the Margolis laboratory in the Department of Biological Chemistry to study neuronal membrane proteasome (NMP)-derived peptides and their effects on classic activity-dependent signaling pathways. Her aim is to decipher to what extent these NMP peptides mediate changes that ultimately manifest into neuronal function. With some free time, Fulya likes to travel, spend time with her family and drink a large cup of coffee!